List of members custom silicone braceletsof the 19th CPC Central Committee

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BEIJING -- The following is a list of the 204 members of the 19th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) elected at the 19th CPC National Congress here Tuesday (listed in the order of the number of strokes in their surnames):

Yi Xiaoguang Ding Laihang Ding Xuedong

Ding Xuexiang Yu Weiguo Yu Zhongfu

Wan Lijun Xi Jinping Ma Biao (Zhuang)

Ma Xingrui Wang Ning Wang Jun

Wang Yong Wang Chen Wang Yi

Wang Xiaohong Wang Yupu Wang Zhengwei (Hui)

Wang Dongming Wang Dongfeng Wang Ercheng

Wang Zhimin Wang Zhigang Wang Huning

Wang Guosheng Wang Jianjun Wang Jianwu

Wang Xiaodong Wang Xiaohui Wang Jiasheng

Wang Menghui You Quan Che Jun

Yin Li Bayanqolu (Mongolian) Bater (Mongolian)

Arken Imirbaki (Uygur) Shi Taifeng Buxiaolin (f. Mongolian)

Lu Zhangong Bai Chunli (Manchu) Ji Bingxuan

Bi Jingquan Qu Qingshan Zhu Shengling

Liu Qi Liu Lei Liu He

Liu Shiyu Liu Wanlong Liu Qibao

Liu Guozhong Liu Guozhi Liu Jinguo

Liu Jieyi Liu Zhenli Liu Jiayi

Liu Cigui Liu Yuejun Che Zala (Tibetan)

An Zhaoqing (Xibe) Xu Qin Xu Yousheng

Xu Dazhe Xu Qiliang Ruan Chengfa

Sun Zhigang Sun Jinlong Sun Shaocheng

Sun Chunlan (f.) Du Jiahao Li Yi

Li Xi Li Bin (f.) Li Qiang

Li Ganjie Li Xiaopeng Li Fengbiao

Li Yufu Li Chuanguang Li Jiheng

Li Keqiang Li Zuocheng Li Shangfu

Li Guoying Li Qiaoming Li Xiaohong

Li Hongzhong Li Jinbin Yang Xuejun

Yang Jiechi Yang Zhenwu Yang Xiaodu

Xiao Jie Xiao Yaqing Wu Shezhou

Wu Yingjie Wu Zhenglong Qiu Xueqiang

He Ping (PLA) He Lifeng Ying Yong

Leng Rong Wang Yang Wang Yongqing

Shen Jinlong Shen Xiaoming Shen Yueyue (f.)

Shen Deyong Huai Jinpeng Song Dan

Song Tao Song Xiuyan (f.) Zhang Jun

Zhang Youxia Zhang Shengmin Zhang Qingwei

Zhang Qingli Zhang Jinan Zhang Guoqing

Zhang Chunxian Zhang Xiaoming Zhang Yijiong

Lu Hao Chen Xi Chen Wu (Zhuang)

Chen Hao Chen Wenqing Chen Jining

Chen Quanguo Chen Qiufa (Miao) Chen Baosheng

Chen Run"er Chen Min"er Nurlan Abelmanjen (Kazakh)

Miao Wei Miao Hua Gou Zhongwen

Fan Xiaojun Lin Duo Shang Hong

Jin Zhuanglong Zhou Qiang Zhou Yaning

Zheng He Zheng Weiping Zheng Xiaosong

Meng Xiangfeng Zhao Leji Zhao Kezhi

Zhao Zongqi Hao Peng Hu Heping

Hu Zejun (f.) Hu Chunhua Xian Hui (f. Hui)

Zhong Shan Xin Chunying (f.) Hou Jianguo

Lou Qinjian Losang Jamcan (Tibetan) Luo Huining

Qin Shengxiang Yuan Jiajun Yuan Yubai

Yuan Shuhong Nie Chenxi Li Zhanshu

Qian Xiaoqian Tie Ning (f.) Ni Yuefeng

Xu Lin Xu Lejiang Xu Anxiang

Gao Jin Guo Shengkun Guo Shuqing

Tang Renjian Huang Ming Huang Shouhong

Huang Kunming Huang Shuxian Cao Jianming

Gong Zheng Sheng Bin Shohrat Zakir (Uygur)

E Jingping Lu Xinshe Shen Yiqin (f. Bai)

Peng Qinghua Jiang Chaoliang Han Zheng

Han Weiguo Han Changfu Fu Zhenghua

Xie Fuzhan Lou Yangsheng Cai Qi

Cai Mingzhao Luo Shugang Li Huohui

Pan Ligang Mu Hong Wei Fenghe