Chinese journalists" body unveils memorial at historical site inwhat are the brains of the computer Shanghai

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The memorial of China Youth Journalists Association is launched on Friday in Shanghai. [Photo/]

A memorial of China Youth Journalists Association was launched at its historical site in Shanghai on Friday, five days before the association"s 80th anniversary.

The memorial will help introduce the history of the association to the public and better promote its spirit of patriotism, responsibility, progress and obligation, Qiu Xin, chairman of Shanghai Journalists Association, said while addressing the opening.

China Youth Journalists Association was founded on Nov 8, 1937, in Shanghai under the leadership of the Communist Party of China to advocate patriotism and oppose Japanese invasion.

Fearful of its growing influence, the Kuomintang government shut down the headquarters of the association in April 1941 but its local branches kept running. In September 1949, the All-China Journalists Association was established and the China Youth Journalists Association formally ceased operation.

In 2000, the central government set Nov 8, the day when the China Youth Journalists Association was founded, as China"s Journalists"Day as a commemoration.

Qiu said that the memorial is not only a research center, but will also serve as a Marxist journalistic education center.

"We should never forget why we started and accomplish our new mission in the new era," he said.

Fan Susu, son of Fan Changjiang (1909-1970) - a famous Chinese journalist, reporter and author, said that media has played a very important role in the nation"s various stages of development, from the revolution to the reform and opening-up.

"Young journalists should make continuous efforts to improve their professional skills, strive for innovation, and be diligent and dedicated," he said.

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