Many travelers ride Beijing-Xiongan bulletbest hand band trains

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A passenger takes a photo of his grandson at Beijing South Railway Station before they board a bullet train heading to Baigou in Hebei province, July 6, 2017. [Photo by ZOU HONG/CHINA DAILY]

The direct high-speed trains linking Beijing and Xiongan New Area in neighboring Hebei province have sent nearly 500,000 passengers since the service started July 6, according to China Railway Corporation.

Located about 100 kilometers southwest of the capital, Xiongan currently has two railway stations that bullet trains pass by - Baigou Railway Station and Baiyangdian Railway Station.

Passengers can take bullet trains from Beijing South Station to get to Xiongan in about 80 minutes.

About 2,000 passengers travel between the two cities each day on average, with the highest number in one day reaching 3,600.

To further reduce travel time, construction has begun on an intercity railway line connecting Beijing and Xiongan.

When it starts operating by the end of 2020, the intercity railway line will cut travel time between the capital and Xiongan to about 30 minutes.